J o e  R a d a
writer & editor

Birmingham, AL       
205-914-3758        joe@joerada.com

Versatile Journalist

I am a seasoned writer/editor as well as a former baker, street musician, ship painter, cannery worker, delivery driver, lifeguard and newspaper reporter. I use that rich diversity of experiences to connect with all kinds of people and develop compelling, informative, memorable articles for publication in print, online, as marketing materials and more. During 21 years on staff at Southern Living magazine I wrote extensively for the Travel and Feature departments and coordinated supplemental sections that focused on destinations, personalities and communities. Since leaving that position, I've written for other magazines, helped small businesses develop web pages, co-authored a book about preparing for and responding to killer tornadoes, edited many other writers' work, and written extensively about regulatory matters for the financial industry. I strive to bring a creative energy to any project.

Casting anchor on North Carolina's Outer Banks

Islands, those natural metaphors for isolation, tickle the imagination like a sea breeze on the back of your neck.
from my story about
the South's best secret islands

The first time I saw Myrtle Beach, I tried to eat it. Parked at the high tide line in my two-tone convertible, a '58 stroller, I licked at plastic shovelfuls of sand.

from my story about
revisiting a childhood beach

In the beginning, mankind could fly no better than bricks.

from my story about
a hang gliding pioneer

Skiers pile up in tangles of gear as alien to them as socket wrenches to salamanders.
from my story about
a ski school for beginners

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writing, editing, interviewing, photographing, researching, coordinating

photography, baking, travel, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, music, motorcycling, building with
Habitat for Humanity

Starting as a teenage hitchhiker toting a guitar and a notebook, I have always enjoyed adventuring. I had traveled to all 50 United States,
Canada and a dozen European countries by age 25. Since then curiosity and writing assignments have taken me to Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, the Caymans, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.